Top 10 Reasons to Buy A Villa in Sarjapur, Bangalore

Are You planning to buy a Villa in Bangalore?
But worried about the Location and some misconceptions regarding buying a Villa,
then you are at the right place.

Bangalore attracts people like magnet. And why not? It is human nature to move towards better and greener pastures. There is no debate on Bangalore’s frothing job market, whether it’s IT boom or the start-up’s paradise. Bangalore is people’s dream destination. The job market has given way to the housing sector, developing and spreading within and outskirts of Bangalore with alluring options.

Bangalore has often been recognized as city of villas. People here like to enjoy their space. Apartment had caught the popularity in the last decade, mainly due to necessity. But now the villa popularity has again gained, and people want to invest in villas. After living in apartments, they understand the luxury of living in a Villa.

Some Misconceptions Regarding Villas:

Often villas were thought to be quite expensive and people were apprehensive of indulging in one. But if you look at the parameters they just cost you a little higher with loads of benefit.

Secondly villas were expected to be in and around the outskirts of Bangalore, making it troublesome to travel on daily basis. But now there are many projects that are located near the job station, making people convenient to commute.

Here Villas in Sarjapur Road, Bangalore comes into picture

Now Let's analyze the Top 10 Reasons to Buy A Villa in Sarjapur, Bangalore

Villas in Sarjapur are good option, as Sarjapur is endowed with all the best facilities one wants. Let us discuss why you should buy a Villa in Sarjapur.

  1. Location
  2. What is the most important feature that circulates in your mind when you are house hunting? The location has a lot to do with buying property. People want to invest in places/area which are next to their work station or can be easily communicable. Sarjapur is located in Southeast Bangalore and is superbly connected with all modes of transport. Investing in Villas in Sarjapur Road could be the best pick.

  3. Infrastructure
  4. Whichever area has booming IT and multinational companies, there is bound to have good infrastructure to support them. The roads, connectivity, schools, hospitals and many such facilities automatically start developing. With Sarjapur there has been good growth in all these features.

  5. In the middle of posh areas
  6. You may buy a Villa in Sarjapur Road, but you wouldn’t want to be far off from your friends and relatives. Don’t fret. You are just a stone throw from posh localities like Electronic city, Whitefield, Koramangala, Indiranagar, Marathahalli, HSR layout. If you have friends and relatives in these localities you can commute easily in no time.

  7. Amidst great entertainment zone
  8. Sarjapur itself has great entertainment and recreational facilities with famous malls, multiplexes, pubs, etc. It also has good parks and healthy environment salubrious for health. Has great shopping stops be it groceries, food products or clothing. Malls like Phoenix, Forum, Total are great entertainment zones.

  9. Surrounded by international schools
  10. The very big tension to change location is admission of children into good school. When you buy a Villa in Sarjapur Road, you have option for many international schools like- Orchid International, Greenwood High, Delhi Public school, which are well recognised by their names.

  11. Health facility
  12. Apart from schools you would also want good medical facilities. Sarjapur has good hospitals, chemist shops, nursing homes and Doctor’s clinic within its arena. Hence, you need not worry when investing in Villas in Sarjapur.

  13. Cost factor
  14. Yes, you must be thinking buying a Villas in Sarjapur Road, could dent your budget. But you can compare on any real estate portal you will find the prices of Villas in Sarjapur Road, very reasonable. Where you can get a good villa in such a decent price.

  15. Great for investment
  16. If you are looking to park your surplus, you can easily think of investing in Villas in Sarjapur Road. The future of sarjapur is very forthcoming, and you are sure to get appreciation and good Return on investment.

  17. Source of rental income
  18. Since Sarjapur is high working zone, people may opt for renting rather than buying due to instability/transfer in job. You surely wouldn’t mind some extra income. You can put it for renting and enjoy the rent.

  19. Complete with amenities
  20. The Villas in Sarjapur Road at Geown Properties is in gated community, and hence can enjoy all the amenities that you have been enjoying in apartments. You can enjoy many more, with good space, privacy, garage space just under your house, great infrastructure and many more

    Buying a villa in Sarjapur road can make you an egoist show off, as you would not be able to stop yourself from singing endless saga of your proud home.

    So if you are one of those passionate people with love and style for self-constructed house, you have great opportunity here.


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