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Top 10 Local Attractions Sarjapur

Geown Oasis a gated community with villas at best prices is located in Sarjapur. Sarjapur is one of the best localities to own homes in Bangalore. It has got many attractions to make it one of the most wanted destination for homes........Read More

Places to Socialize for Single,Retiree,Couple,Families etc

A family constitutes of elderly people, children, and couples. When you buy a home, you wish to consider a socializing place for all. You may want to buy a home in a location that has good social engagement for your family.......Read More

10 Unique Experiences Only the People Living in Villas Can Have

What could be the ultimate desire of people living in big cities? Surely space… some private space….and so on. Luxury of space is the ultimate luxury that you can experience in villas and only villas. Would you also......Read More

What makes a villa in Sarjapur stand out from the others?

Who do you think the real estate dweller trying to impress? Most real estate dweller is churning villas in Sarjapur to impress the successful people like you into investing in one.....Read More

Emerging Villa Project at Sarjapur

Do you know why Sarjapur is the paradise/wonderland for villa projects? Well there are many reasons why the best villa projects are emerging in Sarjapur. Let us start with the connectivity. ....Read More

Check Out the Opportunities to Invest in Affordable Homes in Bengaluru

Would you believe if I say Bengaluru is one and only city that has experienced a 45% hike in need for affordable villas starting from Rs.1.5 crore? Now you may ask- how Bengaluru has been able to maintain....Read More

Importance of picking the right neighbourhood for your Villa

In a big city like Bangalore, Neighbours somehow become your extended family. You are always in touch with your neighbours. Neighbours are families that live next door or around your house. ....Read More

How Geown Oasis Is designed To Pamper Your senses

GEOWN Oasis is a wonderment, everyone would like to ‘live’ their life in. When we say ‘live’ here we mean living in the real sense. It is an awesome combination of nature and modern amenities. It just allows you to relish,....Read More

Learn all about Luxury Villas in Sarjapur

Sarjapur is one of the best locations to buy or invest in property. It is an area complete with all the amenities one looks for. It has great social structure and infrastructure, complete with healthy environment and entertainment ...Read More

Buying A New Villa

The society has been ever evolving. Families used to live in joint family in an ancestral home. People never thought of buying new place to live. Everyone accommodated in the house, with little modifications every now and then. Slowly people ...Read More

Why Invest in Villas in Sarjapur Road?

invest in villas

Housing is a vital necessity of human life. Everyone needs a decent living place. While you may live in either a rented place or buy a house, there is always a question to the type of property you should rent or buy. Buying a property, especially...Read More

Best Villas in Sarjapur


Geown properties – villas in Sarjapur, has premium and exclusive collection of Villas in Sarjapur road, serving the taste and exclusivity for IT & top executive people. The villas meet the global standard in their construction and appearances...Read More

Luxurious Independent Villa Project


Bangalore is best known as city of villas, as here only among the 4 Metros people can still afford to buy lands or spacious villas. Everybody desires for a comfortable and beautiful home for themselves. But if you are one of them who dream...Read More

10 Reasons to Buy A Villa in Sarjapur

villas in sarjapur

Bangalore attracts people like magnet. And why not? It is human nature to move towards better and greener pastures. There is no debate on Bangalore’s frothing job market, whether it’s IT boom or the start-up’s paradise. Bangalore is people’s dream destination...Read More

Amazing 10 Attractive Truths about Villas

villas in sarjapur

There was a time when real estate was all occupied building flats, and that was the need of the time. There were many people that needed to be accommodated in reasonable price and space. But now the choice of people has changed...Read More