Top 10 Attractive Truths About Villas & Row Houses

There was a time when real estate was all occupied building flats, and that was the need of the time. There were many people that needed to be accommodated in reasonable price and space. But now the choice of people has changed, and so is the real estate servings. Now real estate is churning out villas that are exclusive, spacious and a good option for people who want to enjoy and invest in space.

There are many options for Villas in Bangalore, and you can chose depending upon your budget and location. Don’t think you cannot afford villas, being costly. This is just a misconception that needs to be changed. There are good options for Villas in Sarjapur, with good pricing and amenities. Let us discuss some great truths of villas.
Yes, villas are reasonable and believe me. How do you measure the cost of anything you buy? Cost plus the amenities you get with. if you investigate villas- say
  • land wise- you are getting more land.
  • you are getting constructed area as well as free space also. That is not possible in any construction housing area.
  • You are getting floors. You can move up whenever you want. Means you can construct further.

Are you worried you will miss on the amenities that comes with other housing project? Surely not. In fact, you are killing two birds with one stone. You are enjoying a spacious living space as well as the amenities that accompanies the gated community. You must of course choose villas with gated community like the Villas in Sarjapur. You won’t miss on anything. The clubhouses, the walking track, gym etc.


You must have heard less is more. While in apartment community, there are many people and you may not know or socialize with all. but in villa community there are limited villas and you can enjoy a harmonious relation with all. you get together at festivals and you don’t feel suffocated with too many people. So, less family and greater interaction and healthy relationship.


Villas usually come in two floors with terrace and your own garage. You have a space for everything. And you can enjoy your evenings or morning tea on terrace enjoying the breeze in silence. When did you do that last? You may not remember. In close bound living you had just forgotten the essence of privacy.


You may meet people while going to your flat in lift. And you may be in a disastrous mood and may not want to socialize. But you may have to share the lift and socialize. But when you buy a Villas in Sarjapur, you can just skip all this, just park your car and climb your house. It is as easy as this. While you may love your family, you also appreciate some ‘me’ space. Which I’m sure its like an impossibility otherwise. There are many rooms and you can find a peaceful space for yourself and for all members. The children can enjoy playfully without fearing of loud noise. You can play music or dance, without the fear of being noisy to your neighbours.


You can enjoy complete security as is a compulsory amenity of gated community. You have 24/7 manual security plus CCTV surveillance. And if you are going for a family outing you need not worry about your villa. You can enjoy your holiday without any fear.


Its not that you cannot enjoy pets in other housing structure, but you were never able to give your pet their own space. In Villas in Bangalore, you can get a kennel for your dog, and any other pet you are fond of. The pets also feel better and have some space to spread.


How often you fear calling your relatives from your hometown. You always feel the stress of accommodating them. but when you own a Villas in Sarjapur, you can keep calling on to your friends and relatives and enjoy with them.


The Villas in Bangalore are all located in the best locality, that you will be proud to flaunt. The area itself will speak about your affluence. You will automatically enjoy the pride that you will feel among your well-wishers. Plus, these villas are next to educational institutes, medical, recreational activities and are well linked with other parts of Bangalore.


Homes are not bought regularly and is a long-term investment, which is seen to deliver good returns in future. You can rest assure with the appreciation you can expect in the future. It is worth investing, as you get land, with constructed space and unlimited opportunity to use it wisely.

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