Why Invest in Villas in Sarjapur Road?

Why Invest in Villas in Sarjapur Road?

The society has been ever evolving. Families used to live in joint family in an ancestral home. People never thought of buying new place to live. Everyone accommodated in the house, with little modifications every now and then. Slowly people started moving out of the family in search of jobs. They started their lives in a new city with job. The salary was compensated in rent, food and saved for a rainy day.
Slowly the job market changed, and people became more secure with their salaries. They saw their future in the city. This led to planning to settle in the city permanently. A good future and permanency in the city are the main reason when you think of buying a house. Buying your own place to live is everyone’s dream.
Bangalore is the city of villas. You may not get a choice to buy villas in other cities. Bangalore offers ample choices for villas. Independent villas, villas in gated community and villas in integrated township. You can choose from a wide variety depending upon your budget. Villas are often associated with being pricey, but when you see the total gains you may not feel it to be pricey.
Let us discuss the main features of villa-
A villa is a sole structure built on an independent plot. So, if you buy a villa you own the plot as well. The constructed villa comes with a 2-floor plan, a garage, backyard kitchen garden and other amenities.

Points to be kept in mind before Buying a new villa

1. Location

If you have a permanent job, then it’s easy to decide the location- next to your place of work. If your job is not permanent, you can choose locality that is upmarket and suitable to your lifestyle. A lot many things goes in choosing the locality. The richer the locality the higher the price of the villa.
You must identify your priorities and make a list of things before going for visit. Must check
  • Schools
  • Health Centres
  • Market Areas
  • Recreational outlets
  • Habitat
  • Commuting and transport facilities- good road connectivity to main areas
  • Appreciation potential

2. Budget

Buying a villa is obviously big on your budget. It may stagger you or absorb all your savings. So, you need to do a detailed planning. You need to make a list of money resources at your disposal- saved money, the running income and your monthly expenditure now and the expected increase in expenditure while staying in the new villa. We all know that when you shift to new place, there is some lifestyle change and extra pressure on your pocket.
You may decide on taking loans, but still you would need to pay 20% of the total cost by yourself. The process of loan and EMI and the clauses must be checked and understood properly. You can also take the help of an expert
You will also be able to enjoy tax benefits under house loans.

3. Builder

There are many real estate builders in Bangalore, who present very lucrative offers. You must do a thorough research of builders and then select. You can easily research from articles and advertisement in Newspaper. Can visit their website and take reviews. Can do site visit and talk to the occupants.
Whether it’s ready-to move or near completion or under construction. What will be time period for completion. You may book under-construction villas if you are in no hurry to shift. Nevertheless, you must check their reputation for timely competition.
As soon as you have done a complete check you can zero on the villa and move ahead to further process.

4. Legalities/ownership

You must take help of a legal person to check and fill the legal papers and details. He/she may be able to explain the in-between hidden meanings that are beyond a layman. You must check the RERA approval of the project that you have shortlisted and other details.
You must check the papers twice before signing.
Once you have signed on the dotted line the villa is yours. You can be a proud owner of the villa and can enjoy your live in your new home.



Geown Casper Properties Pvt Ltd, is one of the leading Real Estate Developers in Bangalore specializing in Villas, Villa Plots and Row Houses. Founded in 2012, by a group of people who understood and were passionate about constructions and marketing of homes with difference. They had a different vision of crafting villas that had class as well as a homely feeling. People who work with their hearts can only create a property that speaks. That is just true of Geown properties – villas in Sarjapur. In the few years of their establishment they have created a niche for themselves.


Sarjapur road can be also recognized as an IT hub area, with IT giants like Wipro and Infosys, stationed there. Approximately 2 lacs people are employed in this area, who would prefer staying in this area to avoid too much travelling. The residential real estate has bloomed recognizing the need of residential property here. People working in IT also have great taste and affordability for villas. Considering all the above parameters, Villas in Sarjapur are very much in demand and customers are looking for different attributes.
The Villas in Sarjapur Road, enjoy good proximity to the reputed schools & colleges, which is an important quotient that positively influence the buying of Villas in Sarjapur. They are also nearby to hospitals and recreational arenas like malls, multiplex, Decathlon sports, lakes etc. Geown properties are also within covering distance to important hubs like Whitefield, Marathalli, Electronic city, with proficient transport facility to move around.

High End Affordable Villas In Sarjapur

Unique designs

Geown properties has premium and exclusive collection of Villas getting developed in Sarjapur road, serving the taste and exclusivity for IT & top executive people. The villas meet the global standard in their construction and appearances. The villas are usually 3-4 bedrooms spaciously constructed, across 15 acres of greenery and open space to relish peace and fresh atmosphere. There are around 180 villas ready to move-in. The villas are constructed around 3214-1881 sq. ft. with spectacular designs and captivating altitude/height.
The owners of Geown properties believe that home is a place where one can enjoy, sprawl and relax at ease. They have often observed that there is little open space in the Villas and Row Houses. Hence, they are coming up with such kind of Villa Project in Sarjapur Road Bangalore which can provide good open living area in all the three floors. They have also brought nature inside by providing kitchen garden and high glass windows and doors to enjoy the natural greenery outside.
Each villa has a sky-lit beautiful sculptured courtyard, giving a luxurious quotient to it. The villas are accompanied by a servant room attached with toilet and store room, and two car parking area. The villas are constructed and designed with all the amenities that enhances the luxury quotient of the owner.


People prefer gated community villas for their security and class apart amenities. Geown properties have exclusive amenities like vertical parks for jogging and walking, swimming pools for adult and children, children play area, various sports area, club houses, indoor sports, card room, library & creche which is rare, party hall, and many more.
They are high on smart technology and environment friendly, and hence has incorporated various environment safety measures like rain harvesting, sewage treatment plant. For smart technology they have perimeter security, biometrics and Wi-Fi zoning.

Legalities/ customer relationship management

Real estate owners have specially become more conscious of the legalities and government procedures that are needed to be accomplished. Geown properties, who procure one of the best Villas in Sarjapur road, have approval from RERA, BMRDA, and all leading banks like PNB, ICICI, HFL, LIC, HDFC, SBI. The process of buying is smooth and transparent, at a very lucrative and unmatched price.
The client feels at home while dealing with the Geown properties. Their customer relationship and management are so cordial and responsive, even after the procedure is accomplished. They believe in good customer relationship, which is an utmost quality in any business. There process of paperwork is client based, crystal clear, with no hidden agenda, polished, professional and up to date with the latest development in real estate legalities. They also support in acquiring home loans from banks.
Geown properties have a professional team of accomplished engineer and management people, who have great vision for building and creating luxurious livable villas at distinctive prices.
Please request a call back for any assisstance or you can directly visit to Geown Oasis, V. Kallahalli, Sarjapur, Bangalore-562125




Bangalore is best known as city of villas, as here only among the 4 Metros people can still afford to buy lands or spacious villas. Everybody desires for a comfortable and beautiful home for themselves. But if you are one of them who dream of constructing home as per your own desire and needs, you need to invest in Villa Projects in Bangalore. There are many villa projects in Bangalore, that you can choose from.
Buying individual projects brings in lot of security issues, but you can of course buy villa in gated community, where you can enjoy the various facilities and amenities as well as construct a house of your own choice.
We as a real-estate property owner realize aspirations for building your own house, provide villa projects in Bangalore, with various size cut neatly. You can choose among the various sizes and location and buy one
Let us discuss the benefits of buying villa projects in gated community.

Enjoying well developed locality

When you buy a plot in gated community, like the ones we have in Sarjapur road, you are already among the social group and not isolated as it happens with buying individual villa projects in Bangalore. You can enjoy a culture of gated community in your desired constructed house.

Enjoying the infrastructure

The infrastructure- like good constructed roads, trees, landscape surroundings can be enjoyed by you if you buy projects at our villa projects for sale in Sarjapur.


You will be always concerned of security issues, theft and burglary if you are constructing an independent villa. You must spend good on security people and will always be stressed when you are away on family trips. But when you buy villa projects in our gated community you need not have to worry. We have a very well-defined high alert security system, that can allow you to rest peacefully.


We all know that the price of villa project in Bangalore, is far less than any built-in villa/apartment. You can buy a villa at an easy pocket and construct the house as per your resources. While the prices of ready-to occupy villas and apartments are soaring high, making it unthinkable for many.


Land is always in demand specially in the high quotient city like Bangalore. Buying villa project in Bangalore, will always give more return on investment and appreciation. That too buying villa in gated community just increases its value manifold.


The completion of apartments and villas may get delayed due to several reasons and you may be left hanging to make other arrangements. But in case of constructing the villa by yourself, things are in your hand and you are fully aware of the accurate or near about time of completion.


The last not the least, the most important benefit that has pushed you to buy villa project in Bangalore. By flexibility, we understand the potential to build the house as per your choice and desire. You may want bigger rooms/bathrooms/ kitchen, may want a garden or area for pets, or play room/home theatre. The choice is totally yours. You can construct 2/3 floors at a stretch or construct one at a time.
You can also add or modify in future according to your needs and fashion. you can go for higher ceiling, thicker walls, storage rooms, servant room, and may be fewer partitions with open free hall area for some small family function/gathering etc.
Depending upon your family members, you would want to plot the required number of rooms. Depending upon your interest, you may want a library, music room or dance room. You may also want a cosy nook, the point is you can have all your desire fulfilled, which may not be, in an already constructed ready-to- move houses.
So if you are one of those passionate people with love and style for self-constructed house, you have great opportunity here.

Legalities/ customer relationship management

Real estate owners have specially become more conscious of the legalities and government procedures that are needed to be accomplished. Geown properties, who procure one of the best Villas in Sarjapur road, have approval from RERA, BMRDA, and all leading banks like PNB, ICICI, HFL, LIC, HDFC, SBI. The process of buying is smooth and transparent, at a very lucrative and unmatched price.
Geown properties have a professional team of accomplished engineer and management people, who have great vision for building and creating luxurious livable villas at distinctive prices.
Please request a call back for any assisstance or you can directly visit to Geown Oasis, V. Kallahalli, Sarjapur, Bangalore-562125

Top 10 Reasons to Buy A Villa in Sarjapur, Bangalore

Top 10 Reasons to Buy A Villa in Sarjapur, Bangalore

Are You planning to buy a Villa in Bangalore?
But worried about the Location and some misconceptions regarding buying a Villa, then you are at the right place.
Bangalore attracts people like magnet. And why not? It is human nature to move towards better and greener pastures. There is no debate on Bangalore’s frothing job market, whether it’s IT boom or the start-up’s paradise. Bangalore is people’s dream destination. The job market has given way to the housing sector, developing and spreading within and outskirts of Bangalore with alluring options.
Bangalore has often been recognized as city of villas. People here like to enjoy their space. Apartment had caught the popularity in the last decade, mainly due to necessity. But now the villa popularity has again gained, and people want to invest in villas. After living in apartments, they understand the luxury of living in a Villa.

Some Misconceptions Regarding Villas:

Often villas were thought to be quite expensive and people were apprehensive of indulging in one. But if you look at the parameters they just cost you a little higher with loads of benefit.
Secondly villas were expected to be in and around the outskirts of Bangalore, making it troublesome to travel on daily basis. But now there are many projects that are located near the job station, making people convenient to commute.
Here Villas in Sarjapur Road, Bangalore comes into picture

Now Let's analyze the Top 10 Reasons to Buy A Villa in Sarjapur, Bangalore

Villas in Sarjapur are good option, as Sarjapur is endowed with all the best facilities one wants. Let us discuss why you should buy a Villa in Sarjapur.

1. Location

What is the most important feature that circulates in your mind when you are house hunting? The location has a lot to do with buying property. People want to invest in places/area which are next to their work station or can be easily communicable. Sarjapur is located in Southeast Bangalore and is superbly connected with all modes of transport. Investing in Villas in Sarjapur Road could be the best pick.

2. Infrastructure

Whichever area has booming IT and multinational companies, there is bound to have good infrastructure to support them. The roads, connectivity, schools, hospitals and many such facilities automatically start developing. With Sarjapur there has been good growth in all these features.

3. In the middle of posh areas

You may buy a Villa in Sarjapur Road, but you wouldn’t want to be far off from your friends and relatives. Don’t fret. You are just a stone throw from posh localities like Electronic city, Whitefield, Koramangala, Indiranagar, Marathahalli, HSR layout. If you have friends and relatives in these localities you can commute easily in no time.

4. Amidst great entertainment zone

Sarjapur itself has great entertainment and recreational facilities with famous malls, multiplexes, pubs, etc. It also has good parks and healthy environment salubrious for health. Has great shopping stops be it groceries, food products or clothing. Malls like Phoenix, Forum, Total are great entertainment zones.

5. Surrounded by international schools

The very big tension to change location is admission of children into good school. When you buy a Villa in Sarjapur Road, you have option for many international schools like- Orchid International, Greenwood High, Delhi Public school, which are well recognised by their names.

6. Health facility

Apart from schools you would also want good medical facilities. Sarjapur has good hospitals, chemist shops, nursing homes and Doctor’s clinic within its arena. Hence, you need not worry when investing in Villas in Sarjapur.

7. Cost factor

Yes, you must be thinking buying a Villas in Sarjapur Road, could dent your budget. But you can compare on any real estate portal you will find the prices of Villas in Sarjapur Road, very reasonable. Where you can get a good villa in such a decent price.

8. Great for investment

If you are looking to park your surplus, you can easily think of investing in Villas in Sarjapur Road. The future of sarjapur is very forthcoming, and you are sure to get appreciation and good Return on investment.

9. Source of rental income

Since Sarjapur is high working zone, people may opt for renting rather than buying due to instability/transfer in job. You surely wouldn’t mind some extra income. You can put it for renting and enjoy the rent.

10. Complete with amenities

The Villas in Sarjapur Road at Geown Properties is in gated community, and hence can enjoy all the amenities that you have been enjoying in apartments. You can enjoy many more, with good space, privacy, garage space just under your house, great infrastructure and many more
Buying a villa in Sarjapur road can make you an egoist show off, as you would not be able to stop yourself from singing endless saga of your proud home.
So if you are one of those passionate people with love and style for self-constructed house, you have great opportunity here.

Check out some of the videos of Villas In Sarjapur

Amazing 10 Attractive Truths about Villas

Top 10 Attractive Truths About Villas & Row Houses

There was a time when real estate was all occupied building flats, and that was the need of the time. There were many people that needed to be accommodated in reasonable price and space. But now the choice of people has changed, and so is the real estate servings. Now real estate is churning out villas that are exclusive, spacious and a good option for people who want to enjoy and invest in space.

There are many options for Villas in Bangalore, and you can chose depending upon your budget and location. Don’t think you cannot afford villas, being costly. This is just a misconception that needs to be changed. There are good options for Villas in Sarjapur, with good pricing and amenities. Let us discuss some great truths of villas.
Yes, villas are reasonable and believe me. How do you measure the cost of anything you buy? Cost plus the amenities you get with. if you investigate villas- say
  • land wise- you are getting more land.
  • you are getting constructed area as well as free space also. That is not possible in any construction housing area.
  • You are getting floors. You can move up whenever you want. Means you can construct further.

Are you worried you will miss on the amenities that comes with other housing project? Surely not. In fact, you are killing two birds with one stone. You are enjoying a spacious living space as well as the amenities that accompanies the gated community. You must of course choose villas with gated community like the Villas in Sarjapur. You won’t miss on anything. The clubhouses, the walking track, gym etc.


You must have heard less is more. While in apartment community, there are many people and you may not know or socialize with all. but in villa community there are limited villas and you can enjoy a harmonious relation with all. you get together at festivals and you don’t feel suffocated with too many people. So, less family and greater interaction and healthy relationship.


Villas usually come in two floors with terrace and your own garage. You have a space for everything. And you can enjoy your evenings or morning tea on terrace enjoying the breeze in silence. When did you do that last? You may not remember. In close bound living you had just forgotten the essence of privacy.


You may meet people while going to your flat in lift. And you may be in a disastrous mood and may not want to socialize. But you may have to share the lift and socialize. But when you buy a Villas in Sarjapur, you can just skip all this, just park your car and climb your house. It is as easy as this. While you may love your family, you also appreciate some ‘me’ space. Which I’m sure its like an impossibility otherwise. There are many rooms and you can find a peaceful space for yourself and for all members. The children can enjoy playfully without fearing of loud noise. You can play music or dance, without the fear of being noisy to your neighbours.


You can enjoy complete security as is a compulsory amenity of gated community. You have 24/7 manual security plus CCTV surveillance. And if you are going for a family outing you need not worry about your villa. You can enjoy your holiday without any fear.


Its not that you cannot enjoy pets in other housing structure, but you were never able to give your pet their own space. In Villas in Bangalore, you can get a kennel for your dog, and any other pet you are fond of. The pets also feel better and have some space to spread.


How often you fear calling your relatives from your hometown. You always feel the stress of accommodating them. but when you own a Villas in Sarjapur, you can keep calling on to your friends and relatives and enjoy with them.


The Villas in Bangalore are all located in the best locality, that you will be proud to flaunt. The area itself will speak about your affluence. You will automatically enjoy the pride that you will feel among your well-wishers. Plus, these villas are next to educational institutes, medical, recreational activities and are well linked with other parts of Bangalore.


Homes are not bought regularly and is a long-term investment, which is seen to deliver good returns in future. You can rest assure with the appreciation you can expect in the future. It is worth investing, as you get land, with constructed space and unlimited opportunity to use it wisely.

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